1 Eylül 2009 Salı

Change Your Desktop Background

Your desktop background is the picture that's behind all your icons on your computer screen. You may have just recently bought a new computer or maybe you just want to change it to a better picture. Alot of people have desktop backgrounds of cool cars, pictures of there family, there dream house and there holiday they have just been on.

So the first thing to do is find a picture you like on the internet then right click the mouse. There should be a number of options that come up but you need to click "copy" this lets you copy the picture without taking the picture away, then push the start menu button on your computer And find the "my pictures" option it should be on the right hand side and double click it, it should open quite quickly after you have clicked it.

You then right click the mouse and click the option "paste" then again right click the mouse on the picture and click the option "set as desktop background" then exit out of everything and check that your picture has changed. You should then be finished.

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